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 What a pleasure it is for your curiosity to lead you here. Maybe you're curious of how can someone can possess serenity in her aura and fire in her eyes. Maybe you're tired of the complexities of traditional dating, tired of being in control, and seek an entrancing yet down to earth companion to fulfill your pure and not so pure desires. Maybe you don't know why you got here, but since I have your attention, let me reveal some mystery.  I'm Avery Carter, or Goddess Avery if you're lucky, a multifaceted treasure. For some, I'm there for earthly and witty confidant, for others, I am their ethereal yet stern disciplinarian, that path is up to you. 

Sensual, authentic and passionate, I live to.. well, live! I'm a seeker of beauty, knowledge and experiences outside the mundane. I relish in my art: ceramics, modeling, pole dancing, cooking, everything can be art when your heart is open enough. I also love to stimulate myself with knowledge; holding a masters degree in sex education, I continue to learn in sexology as well as current events, environmentalism and more (you can ask any of my clients, I guarantee they know a random fact from our pillow talk.).  My favorite activities with lovers involve restaurant hopping, concerts, spa days and traveling. With my interests stated, I pride myself on being able to blend into every crowd with a witty comment that can break the whole room into laughter. I love a night out, a show, or a new destination that you need a travel partner for. As a multifaceted force, I'm happy to accompany you anywhere. 

Other ways I love to remind myself of being alive is BDSM and kink. I am a sensual but sadistic domination that loves to bring out the parts of ourselves we so rarely allow to see the light of day. I love knowing your secrets, holding the keys to your pleasure and unlocking every door, and maybe finding more doors along the way. As a dominant, my favorite submissives and bottoms are communicative, devoted and eager to please. Please scroll below to find out what I offer.

I have been told interactions with me are cathartic. I'm honored to have clients over the past 8 years stay with me through so many chapters of my journey as Avery Carter, and I can confidently say that is due to my ethos. My life's purpose is to remind myself and others that we are alive. I'm both the soul soother and the rabble rouser. I create safety to be raw, to be your fullest self; I drag your truths to the surface and show you the beauty that lies there. In my session I aim (and succeed) at giving my clients the space to experience catharsis, to come back to your body more whole and more confident than before. 


Catharsis is special experience for me, as we rarely are given the space to give in, to submit to our most primal desires, and feel the spark that reminds us we're alive. Time is precious, our pleasure is precious, and whatever way your pleasure comes to you, honor it. Now, what are you waiting for?


My Specialties

1: Strap on play

2: Flogging

3: Impact play 

4: Findom

5: water sports

6: sensory deprivation

7: pet play

8: CBT- *light*

9: Light bondage- rope

10: human furniture

Hard Limits:

1: Medfet

2: Sharps

3: electro play

4: fire 

5: breath play

6: heavy bondage

7: brown showers

For anything not listed, it never hurts to ask. 

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