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I'm Avery, a Caribbean all-natural provider here for to indulge in your desires. Sensual, authentic and vibrant, I have been told interactions with me are cathartic for giving my lovers the space to experience unbridled intimacy.  My warm and harmonious energy will leave you feeling like we were lovers in a past life. Seeing my body as much of a temple as my mind, I'm sure you'll enjoy my golden soft skin, luscious curly hair, toned yet feminine curves, and endurance, as I take my self care seriously. 


When I'm not wrapped up in a lover's arms, I tend to enjoy the natural things in life. Hiking, dancing, reading and learning new plant based recipes ground me amid the city hustle and graduate school. While I do appreciate simplicity, my duality pops up in my curiosity for life and knowledge. I find bliss in exploring, whether it is listening to a current events podcast, attending art shows and intellectual panels, or country hopping. I'm an introvert of sorts, but once our energies collide, I tend to veer off into cheeky irreverent conversations from my latest documentary to environmentalism. On the balance beam of an old soul and eccentric, I best pair with generous suitors that enjoys multiplicity and experiences beyond the mundane. 

Let’s spark each other’s minds and bodies, reminiscing on our favorite travel memories and shamelessly flirt at the dinner table. Or hike for the best views and nooks to steal a kiss in. Or maybe have a staycation, with wine, the best tunes, and best company. Whatever path we take, my attention and affection are yours.  





My Special Interests

Some things I enjoy are: 

1: Yoga

2: Reading

3: Hiking

4: Dancing 

5: Live Music

As a true adventurer, I am always open I to any excursions and whimsical trips you have your heart set on. Whether a 5 mile hike or a comedy show, I'm sure we'd love it more, together

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