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3-5 hours- $1600



I keep dinner dates with a time range to let us truly unwind, I won't tell the clock watchers if you don't! This untimed package is for dates with public time, ie. a dinner date. 

For solely private time, the time limit is 3 hours.


90 mins- $900


 Can't commit to a dinner date? Let's get a bite of each other. 


10 hour overnight- $3500


We have the night all to ourselves. Whether we hand feed each other sushi rolls in fuzzy bath robes or have a decadent night on the town, just be ready to enjoy my morning scent... and passion.


1 hour- $600

A quick flirt & tease

**My GFE rates are the same as my domme rates**


One never shows up to the altar of a goddess empty handed. Why would you here? The best way to make me smile is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, dark chocolate and Merlot in the winter and Sauvignon Blanc in the summer. Green is lovely all year, though. 

For those who like to see their money to put to good use:

Cashapp: $avery19261

or Venmo: Ashley-19261

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