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"What is your style like for dinners/events/etc?"

   My style is always evolving but as of late, but in general I have always be balancing on the edge of alternative/ eclectic and tasteful. I enjoy neutral to warm tone colors fabrics like velvet and silk and a sweet pair of booties! I wear pants most often but for dinners and more upscale events, I understand the seduction of a dress.

"You're an aspiring sexologist. Can I dive deeper into that?"

   Of course you can. Sex is so beautiful and weird that there's something always on my mind about it! Let's get into it over a dinner/drinks/outing; full warning, I can go on forever and it can get weird.

"What are your favorite date night spots in Philly & NYC?"

  I am always looking to explore a new restaurants but of this season, in Philly I love Front Street Cafe, Charlie was a Sinner, the Double Knot, and Oyster House. In NYC it is The Aviary, Kokomo, and Ako. I also love museums, plays, botanical gardens and I have a special place in my heart for a good burlesque or drag show. 

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