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Avery Carter

A private model and provider, available in Philadelphia, PA, and beyond. Your all natural confidant here to satisfy your desires.



10/19-21- Atlanta, GA

10/22-24- Asheville, NC

10/27- PHL/ FMTY


I'm Avery, a Caribbean all-natural provider here for to indulge in your desires. Born in Trinidad and growing up in the concrete jungle of New York, I encompass both the love of the slow island life and the rush of a city night. Now based in Philadelphia, I've been able to soak up the best of both worlds.


When I'm alone, I paint, I dance on my pole, I play in the forests, or cozy up with my personal tea blends and read of fanciful adventures. But when the moon is out, I'm enjoying the town, finding the best burlesque shows, dancing at the underground concerts, getting into way too personal convos with strangers outside the club. As an ambivert and switch, my life motto has always been "why choose?". My excitement for everything life has to offer has lead me here, being a curious provider and sex educator, living in both the fast and slow lane.  

As my introduction may infer, my desires for it all follows me into the bedroom, as I provide both GFE dates and sensual, teasing domination. In my 7 years as a provider, I've found my favorite dates to be a mix of both my appetetites. I love a sensual and cozy dinner date, letting you to take the lead in public just to have you to your knees when we're in private.  Find more details of what I offer domination wise here. If traditional GFE is your style, not to fret, I'm just as much of a conversationalist and cuddles as I am a sadist.


I take both types of sessions as a sacred container of time to allow you to feel everything you want to feel, release all the burdens of everyday life, and experience the cathartic release of undivided attention and affection. Let's get acquainted. 

Available in Philadelphia, New Jersey, NYC and worldwide by appointment. 

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